How 100 Billion Cranberries Are Harvested In 6 Weeks | Big Business

10 Lap 2020
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Starting in mid-September, Ocean Spray farmers across the Northeast start hustling to harvest 100 billion cranberries in just six weeks. But just as harvest was beginning this year, a TikTok featuring a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-raspberry juice went viral. Soon, retailers struggled to keep cranberry juice on shelves as millions recreated the video. For Ocean Spray, the sudden demand made a rushed harvest even harder. The company had to hire seasonal employees and increase production. Business Insider visited a Massachusetts bog and manufacturing facility to see how the company's handling demand, harvest, a pandemic, and an upcoming holiday season all at once.
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How 100 Billion Cranberries Are Harvested In 6 Weeks | Big Business

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  • It's nice to see people are still making new episodes of how it's made

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  • i wonder how they count it

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  • I'm thinking ocean spray needs to set that guy up for life for helping them sell so much give him a cool million I think that's fair

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  • Me who drinks/eats a lot of cranberry’s: *Interesting*

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  • So.... they don’t do it like in that one episode of “I Love Lucy” then huh smh

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    • Apparently the CEO is new in office, last one booted just this February.

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  • dang now i want some cranberry juice :(

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  • Big respect to the person who spent his time counting the 100 billion cranberries

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  • Why does the harvesting look fun

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  • Chance the rapper: I got the juice Ocean spray: hold my cranberry juice

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  • So they don’t step on them?

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  • This seems efficient, maybe we should end world hunger

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  • The only stupid part was the covid restrictions

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  • I remember being 8 or 9 years old seeing cranberries being harvested like this on Newsround or something and going to the kitchen to tell my Dad about it. I said "there was a woman stood in the water doing the harvest" to which he replied "hmm, she must have had long legs...".

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    • Dirty mind

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  • Sorry but cranberry juice taste very bitter

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  • Fun fact: If a company needs money, sponsor a TikToker, and there you go

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  • "We are social distancing" 2:37

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  • I am a farmer and I m very proud of myself

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  • its not that im hating on cranberry juice but the fact that a man's video got viral from him just in his neighborhood drinking cranberry juice just shows videos can go viral over the stupidest things

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    • @Green MonstaFTW time stamp bro?

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    • Oh they were there! All over the boom

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  • This could finally hydrate Eddie hall :D

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  • Is nobody gonna talk about how somebody actually took the time to count 100 billion cranberries?

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    • You being sarcastic? Lol?

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    • Probably math stuff

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  • This makes cranberry picking much more easier than you think, picking wild cranberries is hard because the terrain is more difficult and it i is generally more exhausting as you've got to bend down and all this makes it take a long time.

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  • And propably 50 billion of them are propably eaten in a single day because thanksgiving

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  • He did not make ocean spray famous

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  • I have never seen a mf drink cranberry juice bruh

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  • I wanna stand in that bog with the cranberries. That would be such a cool field trip.

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    • It’s definitely cool but if you don’t like spider I wouldn’t recommend

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  • anybody heard of cranberry pie? it good

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  • Really....tiktok? I want to see the figures cause CLEARLY the Caribbean sales don't matter.

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  • CDC GUIDELINES 🤣🤣🤣🤣 6 ft. Unsocial distance. 2ft is universal natural.

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  • How is drinking cranberry juice from a bottle entertaining?

    Jumbomuffin 13Jumbomuffin 13Prieš 6 dienų
  • That dude upped their sales, It's cool they gave him a used truck but they could afford to do one better !

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  • This is not how cranberries are farmed in Fallout 4.

    Double JDouble JPrieš 6 dienų
  • ocean sprays bogs are right in my backyard ;D East Taunton by the way.

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  • Better buy that guy a house with that truck since he boosted sales

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  • You've got the juice now Ocean Spray.

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  • What do I need to have in order to work in a place like that

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  • Its that type of year again... happy thanksgiving yall ❄🦃

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